Saturday 11 April 2009

Treating cyclists like dirt

For months the contracting firm Murphy has obstructed the cycle lane on the A503 with three signs and some traffic cones, not far from the junction with the A104. I can see no possible justification for putting these signs in the carriageway. Murphy are not carrying out works on the public highway, but on private land, owned by Thames Water.

Murphy have chosen to obstruct the highway on a section where two lanes are funnelled into one, and where almost 100 per cent of drivers are breaking the speed limit.

To add insult to injury, Murphy have shut down operations for the four days of Easter. Needless to say they couldn't be bothered to remove these signs and put them back next Tuesday morning. After all, it's only cyclists whose convenience and safety is put at risk by these signs. And who cares about such trifles? Certainly not Murphy. And certainly not the London Borough of Waltham Forest or Transport for London.

(Below) Shut over Easter. The entrance to the Murphy works.