Tuesday, 2 June 2009


This beautifully maintained council notice board on the A112, just across the road from the Greyhound Stadium (which like pretty much everything else round here is now defunct) displays one of the council's LOVE YOUR BOROUGH posters, showing once again that this crap council doesn't do irony.

Hilariously, the poster in the middle advertises a forthcoming meeting of the Environment Scrutiny Sub-Committee. If you have any questions, the membership and contact details of the committee can be found here

(Below) Just yards from the notice board is this clapped-out sign, which is supposed to flash when drivers pass by at a speed in excess of 30 mph. Like numerous other such signs across the borough, it is broken and has not been working for a very, very long time. The sort of thing an Environment Scrutiny committee ought to be noticing, but doesn't.