Friday 25 June 2010

scenes from ‘Walk’em Forest’

Yes, it’s that time of the year when Waltham Forest Council urges everyone to leave the car at home and do some walking instead. The latest issue of the Council’s massively expensive propaganda newspaper drops through the Freewheeler letterbox - sadly there’s no mention of the Council getting a mention in the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ section of the new Private Eye. Most of page 6 of Waltham Forest News is devoted to the health benefits of wandering around our walking-friendly borough, which is charmingly dubbed ‘Walk’em Forest’.

How very droll. And now here are some up to the moment pics of walking-friendly Waltham Forest. Why not take a stroll down this public footpath on Heathcote Grove E4, which offers a pleasant and useful short cut to Chingford Avenue. As you can see, the council is passionate about meeting its statutory obligation to keep public footpaths open at all times.

Or why not take a stroll on one of the borough’s ‘shared use’ pathways. Pedestrians must keep strictly to the right of the white line to avoid collisions with maniac cyclists racing towards them downhill on the pink cycle lane. Marshall Road E10.

Please remember, however, that the primary function of pavements is to provide parking for those less fortunate than ourselves, who require four rubber wheels and an internal combustion engine to get around. So do take care as you pass these legally parked vehicles on Sturge Avenue E17 and Stanley Road E4.

To complete your energizing walk, why not finish at Wood Street E17, with its charming footways and delightful shops?