Monday 28 June 2010

The Waltham Forest Green(wash) Fair 2010

Take advantage of the free cycle parking in Lloyd Park and cycle to the Green Fair, gushed the Council’s website.

Free parking for a bicycle! An irresistible offer. There was even a map showing the location of the grand Bike Park.

Naturally when I got there it didn’t exist. None of the people representing the council had even heard about this facility. So it was the usual case of using the railings by the children’s play area.

As for the Green Fair. It was the usual stuff except that this year there were no free lightbulbs, which frankly is pretty much the only reason for going unless you have small children you need to amuse. I came away with a lovely cloth bag reading DRIVE LESS and a lot of comic literature which I shall digest in due course.

As happens every year, the mayor was driven into the middle of the park, in order to lend his charisma to the message that we all need to use our limousines less and walk and cycle more.

Elsewhere in the park, away from the marquee urging us all to use less electricity, I found these two lights blazing away in the sunshine by the bowling green at the back of the William Morris Gallery.

And on Winns Terrace, next to the park, I found this.

For cognitive dissonance you can't do better than this, from pages seven and six of the current issue of the council's free newspaper.