Sunday 27 February 2011

Cyclists must be presumed guilty though innocent

There were two PCSOs walking in the same direction. As I passed them, one of them stopped me and said, "You can't ride on the pavement - you can get done for that".

"I am aware of that", I replied.

"You just jumped off," he responded.

This was untrue. I'd got off at the start of the pavement. He couldn't have known whether I had or hadn't, as he'd had his back to me.

I don't appreciate being accused of something I haven't done.

And now read about someone who dismounted at a red light, walked their bike across the junction then got back on their bike and rode off. All perfectly legal. At which point

I was given a Fixed Penalty Notice (£30) by a police officer in the City of London for “failure to stop at a red ATS” (red traffic light).