Monday 7 February 2011

Tackling climate change the Waltham Forest way

Adopting a tree is a great way to do your bit for the community by making the borough cleaner and greener. Planting more trees in Waltham Forest will also help to tackle climate change.

Yes, for just £150 the council will plant a tree on your behalf.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking on the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, which ‘present a major opportunity to showcase Waltham Forest’ and demonstrate how ‘an improved public realm can transform the image of the borough as a good place to visit and do business.’ (Waltham Forest Local Implementation Plan)

Yes, ‘it’s happening here!’ – and what resident of the borough could not but feel a little throb of excitement to be living inside a Strategic Regeneration Framework

And now here’s the public realm on Seaford Road E17 at the junction with Falmer Road.

That was on 29 January. I rang up the Town Hall and notified the authorities. And you know what? They were round in a flash. All the rubbish was removed. And as an added bonus they cut down the tree.

I expect the space is needed for car parking.