Saturday 12 February 2011

John Prescott today

'Bluff John' Prescott, the authentic voice of proletarian old Labour, who made it "crystal clear" to the 1993 Labour party conference that a Labour government would renationalise the railways if the Tories privatised them, and promised, for instance, that the Birmingham relief road would be built "only over my dead body", now, as Huff and Puff John, presiding over the privatised railways during their most disastrous period since before nationalisation fifty years ago - as well as giving the go-ahead for the Birmingham relief road.

Ah, yes, the Birmingham relief road.

And now car-sick Birmingham requires a new £63 million ‘relief road’ to speed its car-sick population to a new hospital:

Birmingham City Council is overseeing the building a single lane link road for the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital which opens in October 2011.

And this is what John Prescott is reduced to today. Selling his notorious short-temper and his personal car dependency as a commodity.