Saturday 19 February 2011

a demonstration of Waltham Forest cyclecraft

Cycling in the London Borough of Waltham Forest requires special skills which are not available in conventional cycling guides.

Here in six easy-to-understand stages are the special skills which anyone can learn to cycle in Waltham Forest.

1. Cycle round bend and suddenly spot ‘Riney’ plastic fencing across cycle lane

2. Spot sign saying CYCLE LANE CLOSED and dismount.

3. Spot gap in plastic fencing and attempt to get through it with bicycle.

4. Discover gap is not wide enough and start wrestling with plastic fencing.

5. Continue to attempt to get bike through gap.

6. Having successfully pushed fencing aside, pass through gap.

You may now continue your journey along the footway in a traffic-free environment and proceed safely to your destination. And remember. When pedestrians jump out of your way and shout ‘Sorry!’ a friendly smile and a wave of acknowledgement is always appreciated.

This blog post has been specially sponsored by JH Riney as part of its ongoing Bringing Red Plastic Fencing to Waltham Forest Cyclists project.