Friday 30 April 2010

Driver accused of deliberately killing cyclist who brushed against his wing mirror

A motorist knocked over and killed a cyclist in a revenge attack after the man accidentally clipped his wing mirror, a court has heard.

“Mr Fitzgerald pursued Mr Webb and there was a collision, Mr Burbidge said. “We say that was a deliberate act by Mr Fitzgerald. In effect Mr Fitzgerald pursued Mr Webb using his car as a weapon. Mr Webb was catapulted back into the windscreen before being catapulted again into a set of wheelie bins and then a garden wall.”

He told the court that residents watched in horror as the force of the impact was so great Mr Webb’s yellow and gold Muddy Fox mountain bike landed 25 yards away.

Mr Webb died of massive internal injuries at the scene despite attempts to resuscitate him, including CPR from an air ambulance doctor.

If found guilty, you can be quite sure that the defendant will, after a few years, be allowed to drive again. The right to drive is a human right which the British judicial system regards as superceding the deliberate use of a motor vehicle to kill.

You can be equally certain that no cycle campaign group will organise cyclists to be present at the court for the verdict, with a view to voicing their feelings to the waiting media.