Sunday 11 April 2010

It's election time!

There's nothing quite like an election leaflet from the local Labour Party to bring this blog out in an uncharacteristic streak of sympathy for Bob Belam. Blaming the Liberal Democrats for the state of the streets is a bit rich since the Council is a coalition administration, with a Labour majority. If the New Labbers are so shocked by Bob Belam's record as portfolio holder for the environment, why didn't they sack him? Sadly, Bob has his own troubles now.

The New Labbers promise to make the borough 'plastic bag free', which is a remarkable ambition (do they control the major supermarkets?), especially considering that they can't even keep a single cycle stand free of obstruction on Wood Street, shown above. It's obstructed every day of the year, to the complete indifference of the three Labour Party councillors who represent Wood Street.

In fact I think we need a round table conference to discuss the record of this Labour/Lib Dem council when it comes to the state of local streets. And, hey, arranging one is easy!