Tuesday 8 June 2010

Katie Price: a menace to society

I must admit I have very little idea who Katie Price is, or why she sometimes chooses to call herself after a country in the Middle East, or what she is famous for, apart from being famous for being famous. (Yes, I am a sad blogger who needs to get a life and spend more time indoors watching television and reading OK! magazine.) But whoever Kate Price is, it is plain she is a danger to society and needs to be permanently separated from a steering wheel:

JORDAN faces a drive ban after being charged with her THIRD motoring offence in five months. The glamour model was stopped for doing over the 70mph limit in her Land Rover on the A23 in Pyecombe, East Sussex, just before Christmas.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, had already been charged with using her mobile phone as she drove her £115,000 motorised pink horsebox in Bolney, West Sussex.

And last September she was charged with going over 70mph in the horsebox on the M23 in nearby Crawley.

If convicted of the three offences she could be banned from driving for up to six months.
The mum-of-three - who lives in a £2.5million mansion in Woldingham, Surrey, with cage-fighter Alex Reid - has hired celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman to represent her.

Freeman, who charges up to £10,000 a day, is known as Mr Loophole and has helped a string of famous clients beat driving charges, including David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

I remember Beckham got off on the grounds he was fleeing the paparazzi, even though Mr Loophole was unable to produce the slightest scrap of evidence he was being chased by anyone. Presumably in this case Mr Loophole will argue that the legislation does not specifically mention ‘pink’ and in any case the notice of prosecution was delivered a day late. Then the BBC and the Daily Mail will run a major story saying MILLIONS OF INNOCENT MOTORISTS WILL GET REFUND AFTER MAGISTRATES ACQUIT JORDAN.