Friday 23 July 2010

Troublemaker in Shepherd’s Bush

Here are people in Shepherd’s Bush who are quite rightly campaigning for more congestion, toxic air pollution, and subsidised car dependency. Let’s face it, if drivers were made to pay for the social consequences of their addiction, most Londoners would end up being forced to walk, cycle or glide around in trams. Horrible. It would be like the worst parts of abroad.

I am sorry to say that the blogging world attracts malcontents and misfits and there is someone called Chris Underwood who lives in Shepherd’s Bush who writes

from my office in South London I have a view across Lambeth, the river and into Westminster. There are times when I can't actually see the towers of the City behind the wheel. The Gherkin and others disappear into grey haze under which, presumably, brokers and the like are breathing. Air pollution is linked to 3,000 deaths every year in London. Scary.

Personally I wanted the zone to succeed.

Footnote to a fellow blogger

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, Chris, but for reasons you’ll understand in the context of your archives let me quietly draw your attention to this and this