Wednesday 14 July 2010

the war on the motorist

A community [the story is illustrated by a pic of a bald middle-aged git and cites the opinions of him and one other individual. Ed] is furious after it emerged a new speed camera put up on a road where there has been just one serious injury since 1999 is to net £1.3million a year. [It hasn’t. This is a prediction based on drivers continuing to flout the speed limit at this site.]

The controversial camera - one of the most lucrative in Britain - has caught an average of 1,843 motorists a month.

Yes, drivers get no warning at all apart from 30 mph signs, more signs warning them that there’s a speed camera up ahead, and a speed camera painted bright byellow to make it extra visible on a long straight stretch of road.

And the only way to avoid this disgusting repression and viciously exploitative tax is to, er, obey the speed limit.