Sunday, 19 October 2008

Bob and Clyde slam Tate Modern ‘plagiarism’

Talented local artists Bob and Clyde have slammed Tate Modern’s new Turbine Hall installation as “a blatant rip-off of an idea we came up with first”.

The Tate Modern display features 200 beds and a giant spider: Vicente Todoli, the director of Tate Modern, described it as “a highly evocative installation” that symbolises an apocalyptic vision of London in the future.

Bob and Clyde claim that this steals from their own display ‘200 mattresses and a giant TV’, which has been showing for several months now in their ‘open gallery’ known as ‘The London Borough of Waltham Forest’.

“The Tate Modern show simply features a copy of the novel Fahrenheit 451, whereas we put its bold ideas into practice by actually burning 40,000 library books. And our installation is not about London in the future but about apocalypse NOW,” said a furious Clyde.

(Below) Erskine Road E17

(Below) Glen Mews E17

(Below) Alongside Mayville Primary School, Leyton

(Below) Howard Road E17

(Below) Edinburgh Road E17