Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Police act against…. cyclists

NEARLY 400 cyclists have been given on-the-spot fines for flouting the law in the last three months as part of a police crackdown on traffic offences in the City. As well as on the spot fines, a number of cyclists have also been prosecuted in recent months. Typical charges are dangerous or careless cycling.


here is the way traffic light phasing breaks down in my borough (Tower Hamlets) and on my route to work: light for cars and motor traffic - anything from 3 to 6 minutes light for pedestrians - 10 seconds light for cyclists in cycle lanes - 10 seconds is it any wonder cyclists get impatient. Even as a pedestrian I often see mothers with children putting their lives at risk because it takes a lifetime to get across the road. This is not to excuse cyclists' behaviour but in this city the car remains king. - Joe, London, UK (in The Evening Standard)

And what do cycling organisations have to say?

The CTC called for cyclists caught riding on pavements or through red lights to be sent on re-training courses similar to schemes for motorists caught jumping red lights.