Friday, 17 October 2008

Cyclists hit by lorries

One of the things that seemed to have been a little over-looked in recent weeks is that not all of the cyclists killed by lorries have been near a junction. At least 2 of the deaths have taken place where both the cyclist and the lorry were going straight ahead, ie the cyclist was run over from behind, and most definitely not in the blind-spot. (source)

Being hit from behind is probably what happened here:

A CYCLIST suffered serious back injuries when he was hit by a van as he rode along a busy dual carriageway. The man, said to be in his sixties, was riding along the A361 North Devon link road, when he was struck by a VW panel van.

Meanwhile on a country lane in Suffolk A CYCLIST received serious pelvic injuries after being in a collision with a lorry in Cavendish on Sunday.