Friday, 17 October 2008


(Above) The car wash/valet outfit on the corner of Hoe Street and Grove Road E17 has unlawfully taken over this traffic sign and used it for advertising. It's been there for months and this crap council has done nothing. But then the council turns a blind eye to the motor trade taking over pavements and cycle lanes all over the borough for advertising, car repairs etc. More on this topic another time.


A BLUE-CHIP property developer has been accused of ‘fly-posting on a massive scale’ after failing to remove an unlawful advertising board, despite promising to do so “immediately” four weeks ago. Earlier this month, a Guardian investigation revealed that the board, at the edge of Hollow Ponds on the Green Man Roundabout had not received planning permission. Barratt Homes, who commissioned the advert, promised to remove the sign on October 1, but weeks later it is still there.