Friday, 17 October 2008

Caution: dangerous infrastructure

(Above) A deep, hazardous pothole on Salcombe Road E17.

INJURY compensation claims have cost Waltham Forest council tax payers nearly half a million pounds over the past five years, the Guardian can reveal. Dodgy pavements were responsible for most of the £424,167 given to successful claimants, including the biggest payment of £23,500 for one accident alone.Other bumper payouts included £21,634 for slipping on a manhole cover and £17,000 for a trip on a controlled crossing.

(Above) Another dangerous pothole, on Sturge Avenue E17 - where this pedestrian-despising council has also allowed the footway parking exemption markings to fade, which means you can park as obstructively as you like on the pavement and the parking attendants are powerless to act.