Monday 9 February 2009

another London cyclist killed by a lorry

This fatality happened last Thursday but news of it only just seems to be leaking out. It fits a wider pattern of experienced women cyclists being crushed to death by lorry drivers in central London, although of course it would be inappropriate to comment on the exact circumstances of this collision, in the absence of more information.

Eilidh Cairns was cycling to her office in west London when she was struck by the goods vehicle. The 30-year-old producer from Kentish Town died in the Royal London Hospital after the accident in Notting Hill Gate.
It is thought she was dragged under the wheels of the truck after getting stuck in its blind side.

Another factual crumb: the collision occurred at the junction with Pembridge Road at 8.58am

The human cost is evident here:

“She hated the tube, she hated the bus, so she cycled. She liked the exercise, she liked the buzz.

There’s a poignant personal tribute here.