Saturday 28 February 2009

She’s right, you know

Lest we forget, it was Gordon Brown who imposed PFI on the London tube system, against the wishes of the elected mayor, Ken Livingstone.

Joan Smith gets fed up of waiting for her District Line train and let’s rip:

the Tube has been under-funded for years and the Public Private Partnership scheme imposed on London Underground by the Government has been an unmitigated disaster. The Prime Minister has much to answer for in this respect, and each time I hear Gordon Brown talk about bailing out failing banks I wonder why he's so reluctant to put money into London's failing transport system.

Me, I can’t believe the Victoria Line STILL keeps shutting down for complete weekends.

Not that I can ever forgive Ken for allowing TfL get away with installing 47 steps instead of an escalator at the Walthamstow Central underpass to the bus station. Apparently the peasants of E17 don’t deserve the expense of an escalator.