Sunday 22 February 2009

Twisted logic

CCTV enforcement cars will become a more common site on Waltham Forest's roads next year - as the council is to double the size of its fleet. The number of vehicles, which are used to catch people committing moving traffic offences such as driving in bus lanes and stopping in box junctions, will increase to six. Cllr Matt Davis, Conservative council group leader, described the move as "another example of the council oppressing the people of Waltham Forest."

Really, Councillor Davis? In the first place not everyone in Waltham Forest drives a motor vehicle. Four homes in ten don’t possess any kind of vehicle. These sad and impoverished individuals are reduced to walking, cycling or using public transport.

In the second place, most drivers don’t drive in bus lanes or selfishly block box junctions for other drivers.

It’s curious how the Conservative Party is the friend of yobs and anti-social behaviour when the offender is a motorist.