Wednesday 4 February 2009

The Motorcycle Industry Association lobby

The biker lobby is getting twitchy about cyclists’ opposition to Boris’s policy of allowing Powered Two Wheelers to use bus lanes, and is attempting to promote PTW support for it:

Spokesman Craig Carey-Clinch said Transport for London (TfL) had received “very few comments from motorcyclists” while “cyclist campaign groups are steadily orchestrating a build up of resistance to the measure”.

“Cycle lobby groups are motivated and determined. They see denying motorcycles access to bus lanes as a number one key goal.”

Example of a dangerous PTW:

Bennett was filmed doing 122mph and the camera also picked up his son holding on with his bare hands to the back of his seat. David Sapiecha, defending, said Bennett had ridden the bike at that speed for about a quarter to half a mile on the 60mph dual carriageway. He said: "He accepts his 14-year-old son was on board at the time. He now accepts that that was dangerous. There were no injuries, there was no accident."

Outside the court, Bennett, a father of one, said: "I have been riding bikes since I was a lad. My Suzuki GSXR is a 1300cc machine. It is the fastest bike around and it has a top speed of 220mph.