Wednesday 18 February 2009

Yet another example of dangerous yob driving

Drivers as a social group are the most lawless, anti-social, violent and pampered group in British society – but don’t expect the media to say so, since much of it is devoted to selling cars and 4X4s, and journalism as a profession is in thrall to flat earth news (do get the book, by the way, which is now out in paperback).

The number of cases of motorists taking dangerous and illegal risks at UK level crossings is at a four-year high. Figures released by Network Rail show there were more than 3,400 cases of level crossing misuse last year, disrupting thousands of trains. An extensive television and radio advertising campaign seems to have failed to make much of a difference to the problem.

(No surprise there. Asking drivers to be considerate and law-abiding has been repeatedly proven to be a failed strategy. Which is why those who seek to perpetuate the blood-soaked status quo are so keen on ‘education’ and ‘codes of conduct’ rather than enforcement and driving bans.)

"Every week we see people who ignore warning signs and lights or drive round barriers at level crossings just to save a few minutes. This behaviour has the potential for massive damage, disruption and death. We think that the judiciary penalties received need to reflect the seriousness of these crimes and are calling on the judiciary to consider all these factors when handing down sentences."

But probably some of those reckless yob drivers ARE members of the judiciary!