Sunday, 23 August 2009

Another woman cyclist killed

A 39-year-old cyclist from Bath has died after her bike was in a collision with a car on the edge of Box last night.

The woman had been riding towards the village at around 7.20pm when she was overtaken by a light green Ford Focus. The collision, which happened on the A4 near the Platinum Nissan car dealership site, saw the cyclist come into contact with the bonnet and windscreen of the car.

(Funnily enough when someone is stabbed to death you never read that the victim came into contact with the pointed end of a knife.)

This Comment below the story is enlightening:

The narrow section over Bybrook with the double white lines is a death trap, motorists would rather mow down a cyclist than SLOW DOWN or cross the double white lines. I have had so many close calls along this road, you can't even escape and use the pavement as it’s overgrown and broken up, the drains are lethal many of them broken up, you have trees and foliage growing on to the road and the section coming out of Box down the hill after the traffic lights is like a dirt track from the third world certainly not befitting of a road to a world heritage city.