Friday, 28 August 2009

Daniel Duckfield and Dyfed-Powys police

Fifty-five-year-old Daniel Duckfield, who has lived at The Crescent for the past five years, has spent most of that time lobbying for Pembrokeshire County Council, local MPs and the police authorities to crack down on motorists who park illegally in the town and cause hazards on pavements and footpaths to blind people like himself, disabled persons and pedestrians in general.

He is not alone, but naturally those who seek to uphold the rights of pedestrians against motorists can expect no support from either the crap car supremacist cops or the local authority. One complainant was brusquely told

"Pembrokeshire County Council has no policy or powers regarding parking on footways"

An extraordinary admission, which reveals how car supremacism infects every aspect of public life.

Mr. Duckfield feels like his campaign to rid the town of inconsiderate motorists is going unnoticed, forcing him to take matters into his own hands, which landed him in hot water with the law only last week.

“One morning I went down the town to do my shopping with my guide dog and on Commercial Corner I came face to face with a large car parked across the pavement, making myself and my guide dog walk on the road,” he said.

“When I returned later there were more cars illegally parked there, which made me see red. When I got home, I ’phoned the police and told them that I had been ’phoning almost every day to try and get them to do something and, as no one was doing anything, I would take the law into my own hands this time and let the tyres down of any car that was still there and write ‘no parking’ on their windscreens with a felt tip pen,” he continued.

The local police, though, didn’t take Mr. Duckfield’s remarks lightly and arrested him, taking him to Haverfordwest police station to be interviewed, before being released with a caution for making threats to cause criminal damage.

“The experience I went through has shocked and upset me very much, but the incident is the only way I feel that someone will listen,” said Mr. Duckfield. “I am arrested for saying things on the ’phone and the culprits are getting off scott free, I am being punished for their actions, which is wrong.

Dyfed-Powys police are not unusual, of course. British policing is rotten to the core with car supremacism, and the rot starts with ACPO and percolates all the way down. The police collude with driver crime on a gargantuan scale, and are crudely contemptuous of the rights of pedestrians and cyclists.

No coincidence, perhaps, that

COMPLAINTS against Dyfed-Powys Police have rocketed. The force has recorded the second highest percentage increase in England and Wales for the number of public complaints received against it.

Dyfed-Powys police are notorious, since their Chief Constable recently had to resign in a hurry after it emerged that he had, among other things,

BOUGHT booze on his police Barclaycard, and DOUBLE-claimed expenses.

Although needless to say the establishment looks after its own and

The Crown Prosecution Service has ruled out any criminal action.

This former Chief Constable, a man obsessed with drugs (but evidently indifferent to those with an addiction to fast cars and speeding - in the entire South Wales, Gwent and Dyfed Powys police force areas there are just 59 fixed speed cameras), advocated the execution of drug dealers, remarking “Personally, I would shoot."

Anyone else who talked about shooting people would quickly find themselves arrested and on a charge.

With policing like this, it may also not be a coincidence that there have been

5 deaths in 4 days on Welsh roads.

Apart from other scandals,

it emerged that Mr Grange was accused of letting his personal relationship with a judge interfere with the force’s handling of child abuse claims against the judge - Mr Grange was the ACPO spokes person on child abuse issues.

There’s an interview with Mr Duckfield here.