Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The terrorists protected by the state

Angry motorists burned down a speed camera - after police handed out fines to 151 drivers over just three days.

Two fixed cameras on the Ringwood Road in Verwood and Three Legged Cross, east Dorset, were targeted in the early hours of Saturdays August 8 and 15.

The second incident came after Dorset Police issued 151 fixed penalty tickets, costing between £60 and £200, in the three-day period between August 11 and 13.

Chief Inspector Bob Nichols said: 'The number of drivers caught over just three days is alarming, and what's especially worrying is the number of motorists using a mobile phone while driving, or those not wearing a seat belt.'

I’m not sure why the Chief Inspector is so surprised. Motorists are the most lawless group in society.

Of course the person or persons who destroyed the speed camera were not ‘angry motorists’ but the small bunch of terrorists who go by the name of Motorists Against Detection and have a website, run by Captain Gatso. The intelligence services and police know perfectly well who Captain Gatso is but show no interest in battering down his front door, seizing all his computer equipment, and arresting the Captain, his family and associates. Which is odd, since Captain Gatso incites arson and violence and boasts that he has personally committed these offences. There seems to be a clear case of conspiracy here but the CPS seems as reluctant to act as it does when a van driver runs down two cyclists, killing one, and says he just didn’t see them.

If Captain Gatso claimed to be inspired by the Koran and acting on behalf of Islam I imagine things would be different. Meanwhile, orchestrating attacks on speed cameras – ACPO, the CPS and Gordon Brown are entirely relaxed about such trifles.