Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pascal Chimbonda – road menace

Tottenham Hotspur defender Pascal Chimbonda admitted driving his Porsche at 91mph on the A19 near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, on 11 January.

He tried employing a loophole lawyer, who failed to persuade the magistrates that a monstrous injustice had been committed.

Sentencing on Mr Chimbonda was adjourned for 28 days as he has a conviction for driving without insurance currently under appeal.

If he wins his appeal, the four points the magistrates have indicated he’ll get for his latest offence will mean that he is free to continue driving.

Why aren’t the directors and manufacturers and sellers of Porsches also in the dock? Porsches are designed to exceed the national maximum speed limit more than twice over. Where is the criticism from senior police officers? (Too busy saving up for one themselves, I expect)