Monday, 24 August 2009

Two killer lorry drivers


A coroner has told the inquest of a teenager who died after she was struck by a lorry, it would be common sense for drivers to get help when reversing.

The inquest heard that the lorry, when reversing, had no view through the rear view mirror because of the fridges and washing machines on board that were being taken away for recycling.

The side mirrors also gave very little view creating a blind spot of around 2.5m (8.2ft), the hearing was told.


A tipper lorry killed an elderly couple by turning right in front of their oncoming car:
John Wyn Williams, prosecuting, had argued that the defendant "quite simply cut across their path".

He told the court: "The prosecution say that when you look at the driving, the prevailing conditions at the time, the lay-out of the road, there can be only one conclusion, that the manoeuvre that the defendant took on that fateful morning was indeed dangerous."

Mark Roberts, defending, said, it was careless or inconsiderate driving - a momentary lapse and a mistake anyone could have made.