Friday, 21 August 2009

Leyton Green Clinic and NHS car dependency

While I'm in the mood to kick the drug addicts (oil and car) who run the NHS, let me draw attention to Leyton Green Clinic. Here, both the health trust and the council collude to encourage car use and to deter cycling.

(Below) There is extensive free car parking outside the clinic - in the cycle lane. The council could introduce yellow lines to stop motorists parking here, but when there's a conflict of interest between the lazy motorist who wants on-street car parking and the cyclist, the council's priority is always the lazy motorist. This cycle lane is comprehensively obstructed every day of the year and is completely pointless. However, it does allow the council to claim it has provided over 20 miles of on-road cycle lane, and where cycling is concerned it's statistics that really matter, is it not?

(Below) There is ample room for cycle stands outside the clinic. But no one has ever thought of introducing them because the NHS is run at every level by car addicts.