Monday, 17 August 2009

This week’s classic case

It’s interesting, is it not, that you can overtake a right-turning cyclist, knock him off his bike, hospitalise him, and not even have to bother turning up in court. Needless to say you are permitted to continue driving.

A Queniborough woman whose car was involved in a collision with a cyclist in Syston has admitted driving without due care and attention. Audrey Faulks (58), of Barkby Road, pleaded guilty by post to the offence which happened on January 28 on Melton Road.

Claire Palmer, prosecuting at Melton Magistrates' Court on Thursday, said: "A cyclist was pedalling along Melton Road indicating and manoeuvring to turn right into a minor road on the offside when the defendant, travelling in the same direction, started to overtake the cyclist.

"A collision occurred causing injuries to the cyclist's head, back, the trunk of his body and his thumb resulting in him being detained in hospital for 24 hours and subsequently to be on crutches for walking while he recovered."

Faulks offered no mitigation in her letter to the court.