Thursday 1 July 2010

Black Hawk downs

Exciting news for Bristol Traffic. A city in Colorado has banned all cycling, for safety reasons. What a marvellous idea!

Sadly, there are some anarchic troublemakers who are resisting this very simple and effective road safety measure.

Colorado bicyclists are fired up over a ban on cycling through the city of Black Hawk.

A group of cyclists gathered on the west steps of the state capitol to show support against the ban, in hopes of getting the city to overturn its decision.

"This is a basic freedom issue," said Sen. Greg Brophy, of District 1, who is an avid cycler. "We are going to take on the city of Black Hawk

Black Hawk's city manager Mike Copp said this ban is about everyone's safety.

"If [people] go down Main Street [they] will see there is not much room for bicyclists, a car, a truck; there really isn't," said Copp.

Copp said in a press release Tuesday that
he is confident in the law and the enforcement.

Copp seems a strangely apt name. For a robust attitude to pesky cycling troublemakers, Toronto sets an inspiring example.