Saturday, 3 July 2010

Motor racing in Parliament Square

London has many attractive race tracks for drivers and it is good to see Parliament Square being used by a true professional.

There was once a proposal to part-pedestrianise the square in order to assist tourists wishing to access Westminster Abbey or simply to enjoy the view and look at the statues. Luckily Londoners elected car-friendly Boris Johnson, so this crazy proposal was not proceeded with, as we don’t want to encourage people from places like Copenhagen or Amsterdam coming over here with their silly foreign languages and their foolish ideas about urban planning.

Also, by using a serious motor, you can disturb those awful protesters who have got it into their heads that wars are bad. Give ’em hell, Mr Webber!

At 6am, F1 driver Mark Webber — unscathed from his crash in Valencia — roared around Parliament Square, and practised a pit stop with his Red Bull crew outside the Houses of Parliament.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in a week's time, Webber said: “This year has once again thrown up some interesting rule changes, so any practise the team can get is going to make a difference,
no matter where it is.”