Thursday 1 July 2010

Should pedestrians wear number plates?

These pedestrians, they don’t pay road tax and they think they can walk in cycle paths whenever it suits them. I could so easily have been killed by these lawless anarchists, who wander around on two legs in cycle paths.

Except that I don’t blame pedestrians, who walk in this two-direction cycle path on St Mary Road E17 all the time. It’s a much quicker, smoother and more attractive route than using the diversionary ramp or the steps. Just like cyclists, pedestrians prefer to use the quickest and most attractive route.

The real problem here is that this entire junction is built around prioritising motor vehicle flow on Hoe Street (A112), and both walkers and cyclists are required to subordinate their convenience to the person making a two mile trip in a ton of polluting metal. It’s a car-centric planning shambles, just across the road from Walthamstow Central station. Pedestrians coming from St Mary Road are expected to use inconvenient crossings with lengthy red phases, and at one point get squashed into cattle pen railings. If you want to get to the station you then have to wait to cross Selborne Road. Understandably, many pedestrians cross at red, or ignore the crossings and scamper to the traffic islands by the cycle path where the crossing lights have been hooded since last September.

Incidentally, this skilfully parked bullion van reg. KC02 EUB belongs to a company which is an official supporter of the Olympics. Isn’t that heartwarming?