Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hixson humour

It frightens me to think about how much damage one of these bikes would do to my car if we hit each other. I have heard horror stories about bike/auto accidents where the airbags and seat belts saved the bike rider from serious injury and the heavy reinforced welded aluminum/titanium frame of the bike caused major damage to the auto and took the life of its driver.

I am too "intimidated" to pass one of these massive battering rams because they might decide to just cross four lanes of traffic without so much as a hand signal or look back which could lead to the fatal injury of anyone in an auto unfortunate enough to be struck by it.

I say we should make it a law that all vehicles except bicycles are illegal to drive on the streets and highways. Just think of how many auto driver deaths we could prevent if we didn't allow them on the road with those massive, deadly, out-of-control bicycles. I don't think that law will be passed soon enough.

Until it becomes a law, I will not pass you cyclists and I will hold up traffic to protect the drivers behind me from possible death-by-collision with a bicycle while trying to pass you. I ask that you cyclists please take extra precaution while you are riding so that you might save the life of an innocent car driver. I pray that each and every auto and truck driver that travel our roads daily with those deadly bicycles make it home safely to their families.