Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Top speed 198 mph

I remember once watching a TV documentary fronted by Fiona Bruce. It was about drivers who had lost control on bends and crashed. Its gist was that it was all the fault of the road surface. Although the BBC always blathers on about 'balance' the programme had no contrary perspective, i.e. someone to argue that drivers who 'lose control' are going too fast for the road conditions.

I contemplated dropping Fiona a line to inform her as to why her programme was garbage. But in the end I couldn’t be bothered. And now Fiona is giving a plug for the new Ferrari:

Driving at speed in this Ferrari makes you feel as though you are driving like a god; as if there is nobody else on the road driving quite as brilliantly and in quite as much control as you. It drives as if it is on rails and you want to go incredibly fast. You are fighting that temptation all the time.

Sadly, you don’t need a Ferrari to ‘lose control’.