Tuesday 4 August 2009

New Waltham Forest cycle lane on the Netherlands model!

Last year I noted how hazardous the Billet Road exit was for cyclists emerging from the Crooked Billet underpass. And now, astonishingly, the Council has introduced an off-road cycle lane that runs from the underpass for a distance of some 400 metres. Gosh, it's almost as if my relentless sarcasm was beginning to have an effect.

The good news is... there's every reason to be sarcastic about this new cycle lane. For example, you haven't gone very far before you come to this (above) - a bus stop.

And then...

(Below) What's this? Oh, I see. Millions of pieces of broken glass. A typical Waltham Forest cycle lane, then.

(Below) What's this? Oh, I see. The cycle lane runs beside a grand total of 23 garages, most of which have vehicle access.

(Below) Just beyond the bus stop is the junction with Cecil Road E17. Obviously cars must come first.

(below) And what's this? A second bus stop!

(Below) A little further on, after the entrance to a sports field, we reach the end of this innovative facility.

Cyclists are here given the exciting choice of going up and down the equivalent of a dedicated speed hump for cyclists and then colliding with the rear of a parked car or swerving right round the sign and entering the carriageway at a point where the bend ensures that passing drivers drift into the cycle lane. Many drivers break the speed limit on this road.

(Below) Just as I was taking my last photograph, a cyclist came past... on the pavement.