Sunday 4 July 2010

At War With The Motorist

The A402, Shepherd’s Bush Green. As any Vice-Trustee of the London Cycling Campaign will tell you, Dutch-style segregated cycling infrastructure simply isn’t possible on narrow roads like these.

As everybody knows, the most persecuted and suffering group in British society are motorists, who are bled dry by petrol tax, are relentlessly harassed by speed cameras (even thought is a Scientific Fact that these cameras Actually Cause Crashes), are persecuted by parking wardens, and are forced to pay road tax unlike freeloading cyclists, who don’t obey the rules or even wear helmets.

Now just listen to this shocking rant:

We have smogs in London because a dangerous minority of the population are invited to burn oil in our streets; because a selfish minority elect to use a singularly inappropriate method of transporting themselves across it. We have smogs because the public has chosen to devote vast tracts of land and sophisticated expensive infrastructure to the proposition that driving into central London is acceptable behaviour.

This is why the internet needs to be put under stricter control. The government should not be allowing people to set up websites like this:

At War With The Motorist reports from the front line of the civil war for Britain’s city streets. We uncover the bollocks public transport, bullshit cycling infrastructure, bad town planning, and injustice, given out by the Motorist government and local authorities. We also take a skeptical and evidence-based look at the reporting of the tabloid press, and transport economics.