Thursday 28 February 2008

Icy indifference

The problem of water flowing 24 hours a day across pavements and cycle lanes is Borough-wide. Thames Water plainly couldn't give a toss and the Council seems to be neglecting its duties as a highway authority.

No surprise to read this in the latest issue of the local paper:

WATER has been gushing out of a pipe for more than a year - and now fed-up residents are demanding it is fixed. Resident Robert Wilkinson, 56, said he has reported the problem to Thames Water three times in the past year, but nothing had been done. He said: "There is a massive loss of water here at the same time as we are told not to waste it.

"It is also dangerous. The other day I slipped on it as it had turned to ice."

(Above) Tower Hamlets Road E17. (Below) Forest Road E17, junction with Hoe Street.