Tuesday 19 February 2008

A tale of three stands

There is no point in this Council installing shiny new cycle stands anywhere if (i) they are inappropriately sited (ii) they quickly turn into sub-standard facilities because of regular obstruction. Unfortunately even the Council's own staff are adept at dumping rubbish sacks against cycle stands.

The state of three consecutive cycle stands on Hoe Street E17 yesterday.

The first one is between the junctions with Selborne Road and High Street. Here, yet again, Council workers decide a cycle stand is a great place to dump a street sweepings sack to await collection.

The next one is outside the bank by the derelict cinema. It has been carefully sited beneath the pigeons' favourite tree and is permanently... well, shitty.

The next one is between the derelict cinema and Hatherley Road. It hasn't been installed correctly and is far too high. And shopkeepers love dumping sacks of rubbish by it. This particular cycle stand, like so many in the Borough, is twinned with a Council rubbish bin, which roams the pavement like a Dalek, always staying close to the stand. The first photo below shows how it was a few weeks ago and the second how it was yesterday. And, yes, in the last photo that's another of those grey Council street sweepings sack next to the stand.