Friday 29 February 2008

A sign of economy

Look carefully and see if you can see the sign for cyclists:

One problem I've always had cycling around Waltham Forest is missing strategic cycle routes because the signing is so poor. It isn't that there aren't any signs. It's that they are easily missed, for a variety of reasons. Let's cycle a little closer...

Spotted it yet? Let's hope so, because by now you need to have positioned yourself to turn right - or you do if you are planning to follow the sign and turn in to Maude Road, in order to use the cycle lane crossing, with lights, at the junction with Blackhorse Road, leading on to Glenthorne Road and the very popular route down Coppermill Lane (hugely popular both for commuter and leisure cycling). And you need to give lots of advance warning to drivers because, as you can see in the first photo, this is a road with the deadly 3 rubber speed cushions form of traffic agitation, which encourages drivers to swerve into the centre of the carriageway so that they can get their wheels in the gaps between the cushions.

The first few times I tried this route I missed the sign and became very confused about the route I was supposed to follow.

It's a pity that this strategically important sign is hidden away behind a telegraph pole. But it's useful if you are looking for a place called 'ey'.