Monday 25 February 2008

Where's the ASL?

Forest Road E17, junction with Hale End Road.

The Council is committed to providing Advanced Stop Lines at all signalised junctions

So where's the ASL here, then? ASL provision is generally good on Forest Road. And at this junction there is an ASL on the far side, for cyclists heading down the hill into Walthamstow. Ironically there is no left turn junction on that side. But for cyclists heading out of town towards the Waterworks roundabout there is no ASL, which is potentially lethal because some traffic turns left here. Railings along the kerb on the corner ensure that any cyclist hit by a left turning lorry will be trapped, with no escape.

The cycle lane fizzles out shortly before the junction. But I expect once a cyclist has been crushed to death under the wheels of a lorry turning left something will be done about this death trap junction. That's progress.