Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Every picture tells a story

Behind this British Telecom van are three more BT vans, all parked on the pavement with total disregard for pedestrians, particularly pedestrians with a mobility handicap. You definitely wouldn't get past with a double buggy, and I doubt if you would with a motorized wheelchair. Whatever task these BT workers were there for, it wasn't necessary to park like this. (Willow Walk E17, 18 January.)

On its website, BT gushes that its corporate values are

Helpful… Inspiring… Straightforward... We are committed to contributing positively to society and to a sustainable future. This is part of the heart of BT.

Oh yeah? Training staff to park with consideration for others clearly forms no part of BT's luminous vision of good practice.

You could cross to the other side of the road. But the pavement there is also blocked, by a green "Eve" van parked across it.

Lastly, take note of the bicycle locked to the traffic sign in the foreground. That's because there are only two cycle stands by the entrance to Sainsbury's. A perfect place to install more would be along the kerb. About where that white van is parked. Not only would cycle stands here be very convenient, out in the open and a deterrent to bike thieves, but they'd also prevent pavement parking.