Thursday, 22 January 2009

Prosecute Clancy Docwra Limited

Netley Road E17, yesterday. The clowns employed by Clancy Docwra Ltd have been unneccesarily and unlawfully obstructing local pavements for over a year now.

In the first place signs like this one belong in the road, not on the pavement. In the second place the idiot who set this sign up has no understanding of what it is like to push a wheelchair, a double buggy or use a mobility scooter. If our supine council really cared about pedestrians and walking it would be vigorously taking this matter up with Clancy Docwra and prosecuting them for repeated obstruction of the footway. But no one in this crap council walks anywhere or gives a toss about walking. Except when it is necessary to supply some Greenwash for wfm. Needless to say the Clancy group has the usual bullshit corporate statement about the company's passion for the environment: in PDF format here.