Friday, 30 January 2009

Why should I get off my bike?

This is classic. (Yesterday.)


Why should I dismount? Because I'd slow down traffic? Tough.

The pavement is being resurfaced and the contractors have blocked off a lengthy section of cycle lane. So what? I have as much right to ride my bicycle along Leyton Green Road E10 as any motorist has to drive there. Probably more so, bearing in mind that my bike is properly maintained, whereas a significant percentage of drivers are uninsured and driving unlawfully.

I never asked for this poxy cycle lane and as far as I'm concerned I'd rather it wasn't there.

It's amazing that in the ninth year of the 21st century crap signs like this still exist. Does anyone seriously believe that there's even one cyclist who, seeing this sign, will instantly get off their bike, thinking, 'I mustn't hold up the traffic!'

It's a mad, mad, mad , mad world.