Saturday, 17 January 2009

New installation art in the London Borough of Waltham Forest

Installation art uses sculptural materials and other media to modify the way a particular space is experienced. Installation art is not necessarily confined to gallery spaces and can be any material intervention in everyday public or private spaces.

(Above) This enigmatic and haunting collection of metallic statuary in Courtenay Place E17 brilliantly expresses the absurdity and desolation of modern urban existence. The objects seem to have no function and no one goes near them, presumably because no one would ever have reason to linger in this miserable, remote and depressing location. This installation is believed to be the work of the legendary artist "Loakesy", though some critics suggest that the billowing plastic bags may involve a collaboration with the elusive and rarely seen "Kier".

(Below) This installation, known only as "the alleyway between Somers Road and Storey Road E17" admits visitors to a narrow, claustrophobic corridor of barbed wire, crumbling brick and abandoned clothing and furniture. Truly an apocalyptic vision of the last days of humanity. This installation will remain open until 2099.