Monday 18 April 2011

Cyclists: a lorry driver speaks out

(Above) A typical cycling-friendly London junction, where two ‘A’ roads meet.


HGV's are not on urban roads for fun, or because they simply want to be, they are there for a reason, to deliver goods, Cyclists on the other hand have alternatives, called trains buses and taxis, your average lorry driver cant carry his 23 tonnes of goods onto a 24A bus to avoid travelling down a certain street, cyclists have that choice.

(Below) Rikki’s right. Note the bus stop on the right of this picture, showing how much more sensible it would be to abandon cycling here and transfer to a bus.

(Below) More proof that Rikki is right and that it is safer to travel by bus than to cycle in a cycle lane

As for the alternative of taxis. That’s not a problem for any cyclist in central London.

(Below) Spot the cyclist