Friday 1 April 2011

London Cycling Campaign unveils new ‘campaigner’ bicycle

After some ‘blue skies’ brainstorming the top minds at the London Cycling Campaign came up with this innovative new design. Yes, this beautifully crafted new tandem named ‘The Campaigner’ has been specially created for LCC activists and is sure to suit all branches of the London Cycling Campaign.

An LCC branch typically consists of six men (and sometimes that woman who bakes those marvellous cakes for Bike Week). However, as we know, all the hard work is usually done by just two people. This new tandem is perfect for vehicular cycle campaigning, as it allows two activists to maintain a very special ‘campaign rapport’ while pedalling towards the LCC goal of ‘one in five by 2025’ on London’s cycling-friendly streets, which as everyone agrees are far too narrow for all that Dutch cycle path nonsense.

Free ‘Three Feet Please’ badge with every tandem purchased.