Saturday 18 August 2012

The AA starts lobbying against the next fuel duty rise

Drivers facing 6p-a-litre surge in the price of petrol as AA warns price could soar to record levels 

The alarming prospect is revealed in a new AA Fuel report. It has sparked renewed calls for Chancellor George Osborne to abandon the 3p per litre tax rise he has already deferred from August 1 to January 1. 

And who can doubt that the crap Coalition will capitulate yet again to the fossil fuel lobby rather than risk being represented by the meeja as the vicious oppressor of the ordinary decent British motorist?

But as Cycalogical remarked a while back:

So why fuel duty? Why not cut VAT? Fuel duty only helps families who rely mainly on the car to get around. And it helps most those who drive high mileages in big, thirsty cars. In other words, it is regressive. And it conspicuously doesn't help those who have been hit by above-inflation increases in rail and bus fares. Or those who choose more active modes of travel.