Friday 17 September 2010

Pope’s visit celebrated on London National Cycle Network

The Pope’s visit to Britain is celebrated locally on the National Cycle Network, with this charming artwork by Tracey Emin, specially commissioned by Waltham Forest Council through the Esom Creatives agency. Costing only half a million pounds I think we can all agree this represents value for money at a time when we shall all soon start having to tighten our belts and patch our lycra.

Ms Emin has generously added a ‘bonus extra’ panel which adopts her more traditional style (below).

You can see these panels on the 'Cyclists Dismount' section of the local National Cycle Network.

From here continue north, then turn east following the attractive cycle-friendly route which links up with London Cycle Network route nine (below).

On the next section of route which requires cyclists to dismount, further artwork can be seen, encapsulating the values of diversity and inclusion in the enhanced European community.