Tuesday 7 September 2010

Sky Ride: the day after

Let’s imagine you are from the London Borough of Waltham Forest, were not previously a cyclist, and went on London Sky Ride. Newly enthused by the experience you return to your borough and the next day you try out this cycling lark.

And what larks!

Go shopping in Walthamstow High Street and you’ll find attractive and convenient cycle parking…

For that trip into central London there’s the very popular Lea Bridge Road commuter route with its ‘Tate Modern’ potholes…

And exploring the quiet back streets you can discover for yourself the exciting concept of permeability. The council closes off roads to through traffic, but the two kerbs and the grass represent no problem at all for a Sky Ride cyclist. It’s what mountain bikes were made for.

(Vernon Road E17, Lea Bridge Road by the junction with Hitcham Road, Alexandra Road/Longfellow Road closure. All pics taken yesterday.)